If your life is a busy one with many cares and concerns, then you would may well benefit from a time of quiet prayer and reflection. You may find that you return home from a retreat in a more peaceful and consoled frame of mind.
You may just want time for yourself and your God - time to devote to prayer, tell your story to a retreat guide who is an open and accepting listener.

When you come on retreat you may become aware of conflicts or unresolved issues that stop you from being the person you want to be or the person that God created you to be. Many of us keep troubles, challenges or God at arms-length with television, internet, work and other distractions. On an individually guided retreat you can put these distractions aside to allow what is more important to surface.

We believe in a God who wants to show his love for each one of us, a God who accepts who we are with our personality and our history. A retreat is above all a time of listening to God at work in the experiences of your daily life and in the prayer of the retreat. The director or retreat guide is also there primarily to be a listener and companion on your journey. People who come on retreat invariably experience God in a positive way and return home rejuvenated, consoled and more confident in doing God's will.

Retreat type
The Jesuits and other trained spiritual directors throughout India offer retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. These retreats are of varying lengths: a three- or four-day weekend retreat; a longer eight-day retreat; and a 30-day “long retreat.”

Ignatian spiritual directors also offer a “retreat in daily life”—a month long program of daily prayer, reflection, and spiritual direction that is conducted in the course of one’s ordinary responsibilities. This has become the most common way of making a retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises in modern times.

If you are interested to do your retreat of your choice – theme, a kind of topics you would like to deal with during your retreat - you are most welcome to request the director particular priest to guide your retreat. You could also bring along your own retreat guide to direct your retreat at our place.

Each Jesuit retreat guide brings along with him his creativity based on his experiences and studies. Therefore, the way retreat is conducted may vary but they all follow the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. We welcome very much lay people, priests and religious to do these retreats and experience the breadth and depth St Ignaitus of Loyola’s way of experiencing “God in all things and all things in God.”

Kinds of retreats offered at Dhyanashrama
Full Spiritual Exercises (30 Days)
 Full Spiritual Exercises in stages
 Themed Retreat
 Weekend Retreat
 Retreat in Daily Life
Individually guided 2-8 Day
Short-term retreats depending on the group’s request.

Retreat Courses
Prerana Ignatian Spirituality Centre (situated within the campus itself) also offers many workshops focusing on healing, discernment, prayer methods and other means of spiritual growth. See the website here: Click Here