All rooms including the Chapel, conference room can be accessed via lift



Dhyanashrama can host at a time 75 retreatents with single bedroom facilities (Simple and Comfortable single bed rooms). There are 5 Chapels and 5 conference halls. The retreat house also has a Rosary Garden and Grotto of Mary for prayerful reflections and prayers.
Breakfast, lunch and supper are taken in the dining room on the ground floor of the house. Morning and Evening tea as well as purified water is available in the same dining room. All retreatants have full use of all the facilities of the house (chapels, dining room, and lounge) and of the gardens and grounds.



Accommodation is in comfortable single bedrooms and simple bedrooms are available with warm water. A comfortable single bedroom has a hand basin, toilet/bathroom/shower facilities.
A simple room is a smaller room without attached toilet/shower bedrooms.

Towels, hand soap and bedding are all provided. Please note that we do not provide other toiletries.


Professional Services



We welcome the healthy retreatents. In case of smaller health needs we have a medical nurse during the day. Local doctors are available and the nearest Catholic Hospital are St. Philomena’s and St John’s.


Meals are served in the dining room. Our chefs provide a daily changing menu of home-cooked meals with fresh fruit and vegetables. If dietary food is required then place the request with the administrator at the beginning of the retreat.
If we have agreed to cater for a particular diet, we respectfully request that guests take the food that has been provided for them and do not request what is offered to other guests.
Given the scale of our catering and the limited budget within which we operate, it is no longer possible for us to meet the preferences of guests who prefer not to eat certain foods.



Normal room
8 days Retreat Rs 3600/- [450 per day]
30 days Retreat Rs 13,000/- [430 per day]
Self Contained room
8 days Retreat Rs 4800/- [600 per day]
30 days Retreat Rs 16,500/- [550 per day]


There is a laundry room on the first floor of the house with washing machines and irons for your use. There are usual washing stones on the first floor with drying facilities. We do ask for consideration of the environment and our electricity bill by washing small, individual items by hand and using line drying whenever possible.